Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally, Finally, Finally

In His final words before succumbing to death on a cross, the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, said, "It is finished." While the theological ramifications of his statement are huge and obviously have nothing to do with gardening, they echo my attitude when it comes to waiting for winter to loosen its grip. Winter and cold weather are certainly not completely over, but in my humble estimation, it's time to get busy in the garden. The beds have been sitting since fall and are in desperate need of attention. So, for me, it's onion time! I will admit, this will be my first time to plant onions so I am a bit apprehensive and not terribly hopeful for a great outcome. I'll let you know in 100 days or so. In the meantime... here's what's going on. I ordered these onions from Dixondale Farms.  They came in the mail quickly, and as soon as the weather permitted, I put them in the ground, following Dixondale's planting instructions carefully.  They went in on February 18 so they should be ready around June 1.

Onions after being separated, ready to be transplanted.

Onions planted about 1" deep. 80 onions in approx 2'x8' bed.
Onions as they arrived, after removing rubberband from the bunch

The onions have been in the ground a little over 90 days now and have grown quite well for a guy who had never grown them before. One thing I learned for sure: mine are WAY overcrowded! The pic below is from the same vantage point as the day I planted them
 They have began bulbing. Some are golf ball sized now. A few are baseball sized now. Most are somewhere in between. Within a couple of weeks we should know how they did.

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